Why Golf Club Fitting is important for Beginners. 

Recognizing that beginner golfers have not yet established their core swing dynamics, our club fitting services for beginner golfers focus on identifying the best stock clubs on which to build a strong foundation for rapid improvement.

Beginning golfers need to use clubs as suited as possible to their basic swing and that are configured consistently through the set. Doing so will help them develop better swing dynamics because they will not be “fighting” the club or making subconscious adjustments for each club as they learn the fundamentals of the golf swing and begin to build good habits. Our experience is that beginners start with borrowed clubs and often with mixed sets of whatever clubs they can find. This approach can slow the rate of improvement for new golfers. It makes sense for a beginner to learn the game with a set of clubs well suited to their basic swing fundamentals.

Beginner’s Golf Club Fitting Takes The Guesswork Out Of Buying Clubs

We look at each of golfers personal needs to find the best clubs suited for the new golfer. Just as for experienced golfers, the club length, the lie angles, the club lofts and stiffness of shaft are very important for the beginner. When a stock set of clubs is ordered, we will carefully inspect each club and make needed adjustments to overcome the common inconsistencies between clubs present in standard sets.

The end result of a Beginner’s Fitting is identification of a set of clubs that are configured consistently and precisely to the basic swing dynamics of the new golfer. This eliminates the common issue for new golfers of inconsistent results caused by inconsistent or inaccurate club configurations. The new golfer will make more substantial and consistent progress following a Beginner’s Fitting.

A Beginner’s Fitting identifies the right clubs, to make the club-buying decision a data-driven and informed process.